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nordicsproduction :
ed sheeran | At the Olympics.

can I just be one of them pls

Fried Oreos :)

the color

➜ Repeating Senior
➜ ENDGAME: Trent Flanagan (Tyler Oakley FC)

WELCOME TO NEW YORK! After 21 years, the gleeks are back! Nothing changed, except for the fact that they have kids and they’re all married now. And that they’re not that bunch of losers anymore. All of them found fame on their own way and showed Mr. Schue and all the bullies that they weren’t normal losers. They’re losers who has each other’s backs. And now, at 2033, how are they? How are their kids? It’s up to you!

More commonly goes by Will and cant stand his real name
Never knew his dad but feels as if his dad left because he didnt want to be his father
Doesnt like seeing his mom upset and loves that he can never fail to make her laugh
Finds it hard to focus in school which is why he diecided himself to retake his senior year
Came out as gay 4 years ago and has since then had a big crush on Trent Flanagan